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Get Started Making Money Affiliate Resource Center Affiliate Profits University - Free Earn Bonus Prizes

Top-selling Affiliate Resources to help your sales campaigns produce big commissions.
Includes banners (static and animated, many sizes to choose from), professionally copywritten emails to use, and much more!

Resources available in the official TradingAffiliates.com affiliates' resource center are updated regularly, and include:

As a valued TradingAffiliates.com affiliate partner, you'll get full access to plenty of professionally-designed graphic banner ads. Includes both animated and static ad creatives, in a variety of sizes — all designed to help you sell more successfully.

Here's a quick preview of just a few of the many that are available:


Updated regularly with current contests, launch sequence activities, helpful tips — and your comments and feedback as well!   It's a great place to learn new sales-boosting strategies and follow along with our regular launches and pre-launch activities.

14) What are the main differences between the two trading systems here?
15) How can I also promote Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun's other trading products and services?
16) What kind of training and other resources do you offer, to help make this as easy as possible for me?
17) What's the main content of each of the two DVD systems, and how are they different?
Q: What makes the TradingAffiliates.com program so powerful?

A: In addition to having the "name reputation" of well-respected traders Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun, our premium
affiliate program uses 1ShoppingCart technology and offers you the following easy-to-use key features:

  • Generous commissions: You earn a full $400 for each sale of our Stock Trading Success System, and $250 for each sale of our Traders' Secrets system.    Think of TradingAffiliates.com as your own "Business in a Box!"
  • Low returns/refunds: You won't see massive returns from unhappy traders since our DVD systems are sold on an "all sales final" basis and traders have enthusiastically appreciated these bestselling systems (see the 101+ testimonials on the sites).
  • 1ShoppingCart tracking technology: easy-to-use, trusted 1SC affiliate program lets you login and see how well you're doing anytime you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Less Competition = More Potential Sales for you: unlike some of the affiliate-driven trader marketers you may have worked with, we are selective about whom can become an affiliate (US/UK/Canada only, for starters), so you won't have to compete against hundreds of other affiliates sending out email blasts at the same time. Or the 'buddies' of the affiliate trading marketers who always seem to win their contests (the 3-4 'mega affiliate' guys with huge opt in lists that you can't compete against), and take sales away from everyone else....another TradingAffiliates.com advantage!

    >So if you're tired of losing sales during big launches/re-launches to other affiliate marketers (the "swarm of others" or the "few mega-affiliates"), you'll be thrilled to capture sales using TradingAffiliates.com instead!
  • Proven "Product Launch/Relaunch" process for maximum sales conversions: you'll be excited to join in our multiple product-launch (and relaunch) processes as we rotate bonuses, send out email creatives and have scheduled launch and re-launch activities designed to maximize your sales, held every few months throughout each year.

    > Led by Ken Calhoun, a top internet marketer (and trading industry professional) whose multi-million dollar bestselling trading sites have been online since 1999 (far longer than many others), you'll be able to participate in as many (or as few) launches as you wish. And unlike others, we won't ask you to "burn out" your list by sending a flood of annoying (opt-out causing!) emails every time we do a professional launch process. You'll make even more sales, by earning the trust of your list.
  • Exclusive Affiliate Resource Center (including full access to "Affiliate Profits University™" - FREE!): This private "Members Only" site lets you not only learn how to achieve stunning sales with quick, simple videos — you'll also get complete resources you need to track and manage your promotional campaigns.
  • Professional banner ads and copywriting for emails: You're supported with world-class banner ad graphic design, email copy and other advanced resources. One of the world's top internet financial copywriters personally writes the email creatives for you (for both single promotions and launch sequences).
  • Makes you look good to your lists, for repeat sales: You'll be proud to represent world-famous traders Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun, whose reputation in the trading industry is top-notch... their work on these two industry-recognized top-quality 7- and 14-DVD professional trading systems will be appreciated by your traders.
  • Support makes it easy: you'll get ongoing support for product launch sequence emails, advertising creatives, and more — plus post in our TradingAffiliates.com blog to communicate with other affiliates.
  • Affiliate Contests: want to win a flatscreen tv? Or even an ipod shuffle? How's CASH sound? You'll be excited to participate in our regular affiliate marketing contests and special promotions. Unlike other affiliate programs, "not just the big guys with huge lists" win everything — we have a variety of prizes (which you can get a cash substitute for instead, for the full value of the prize if you want!) that we offer you during each contest. In our contests, *every affiliate* who makes at least 1 qualifying sale is guaranteed to win at least one prize!
  • We take care of everything: Once you send a visitor to our TradingVideos.com and StockTradingSuccess.com sites, we'll take care of all the details, including charging their credit card, shipping their orders, and providing all customer service and follow-up necessary. You don't have to do a thing (except figure out how to spend your commission check each month!)...it's the easiest way ever to monetize your lists and earn big cash payments.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: We send payments on the 1st day of the 2nd month following the sale; so for example all sales made during January will be paid at the start of March, and so on. We hold back 10% of sales to cover any refunds/unauthorized chargebacks/fraudulent transactions; you agree to reimburse us for any subsequent chargebacks/non-approved charges if it exceeds 10%, to the actual amount.  We'll send your payments via check.

Q: How long does it take to sign up?

A: The initial sign-up process takes 24-72 hours — you simply submit your email address (using your registered domain name email, as in yourname@yourdomain.com), and after we manually check it out, we'll send you an approval/disapproval notice. Once approved, you can access our Affiliate Resource Center and "Affiliates Profit University", where you'll find all the info and resources you need to get started, using the login/pass you'll receive.

Q: How do I sign up — is there a cost to sign up?

A: Just go to our application form and, after reading it — enter your name and email address in the space provided. If you are from a site that we're not familiar with, or are unknown to us, we may ask you to submit a token $1 fee via credit card (or paypal) to verify your identity. We also check your background/name to make sure there's no history of regulatory or compliance violations. Unlike other affiliate programs, we want to make sure we don't have "shady affiliates" who could jeopardize other affiliates' income as participants, so we look at the SEC/FTC/CFTC/AG actions databases and other resources to ensure none of our affiliates has a "shady past". Another TradingAffiliates.com advantage!

Q: How will you keep track of the orders coming from my site?

A: It's easy! When you register as a TradingAffiliates.com affiliate, the 1ShoppingCart system will assign a unique product link to you, to use for promoting each of the two systems. Plus, in all the "Copy & Paste" email promotions, banner ads, text ads, etc. that we provide you with, 1ShoppingCart will have already added your unique affiliate identification code (We want to make things as easy as possible for you!).

When your visitor comes to either the TradingVideos.com or StockTradingSuccess.com sites, we'll tag them with a "cookie" that includes your affiliate number. So if someone visits either site through your link and does not buy one of the systems right away— but returns within 3 years to purchase — you will still get credit for that sale and earn your commission! (See 1ShoppingCart.com's site for more details on how this works).

For select affiliates, we can also do special webinar events, and other customized promotions designed to help boost your sales commissions even further! Check the blog for details, once you're registered.

Q: How will I know how many of each system I've sold?

A: You'll receive an email from 1ShoppingCart automatically alerting you of each order moments after it's approved. Plus, the tracking information inside the Affiliates Resource Center also lets you see how many sales you've made.

Q: How much will I get paid when I make a sale?

A: You earn a full $500 for each sale of our Stock Trading Success System, and $300 for each sale of our Traders' Secrets system. Our generous commission payouts can really start adding up, with each new sale you make!

Q: Can I receive my commissions via PayPal?

A: Yes! We can send your affiliate commission payments to you via PayPal. Alternatively, you can choose to receive payment by bank check — just let us know your payment preference once you start making sales.

Q: How should I incorporate the TradingAffiliates.com Affiliate Program into my web site?

A: You'll get instant access to a wide range of ready-to-use options — from banners and text links to ready-to-send email promotions. You can add these easily to your site, and test out response rates for different banners and emails to help you see what produces the highest sales and income for your particular site(s).

You'll also gain access to our "Affiliates Profit University" site, with video tutorials, latest test results and much more — all carefully designed to help you make more sales.

Q: How will my visitors order?

A: We take care of everything. You just need to direct visitors to either of the two sites through your affiliate links, and we'll look after taking the order, delivering the system, and all other support.   All orders are processed via our 1ShoppingCart service, to make sure all customers are fully taken care of.   You may not take orders/payments yourself and send them to us, all orders need to come directly through our sites (as explained in the Affiliate Agreement). This helps ensure proper tracking and crediting of your affiliate commissions.

Q: Who takes care of shipping, presale questions and customer service?

A: As with ordering, we take care of everything — making it easy for you to make sales. Our DVD systems are fulfilled via Amazon.com's Createspace service, with renowned trust and deliverability. We handle all questions and customer service for you, so all you need to so is drive visitors to our sites!

Q: What kind of support do you offer?

A: As an affiliate, you'll have access to our Affiliate Resource Center, ongoing training webinars, members-only private blog, forum and much more.  Our focus is to provide you with the answers and trouble-shooting that will help you succeed.

Our support staff is also here to answer questions and make it simple for you to start earning generous sales commissions.

Q: Will you supply me with banner ads, emails and everything else I need to get started?

A: Yes! All professionally-designed banner ads and email creatives are available to you to help you become successful in promoting our two trading systems.

Q: What are the main differences between the two trading systems here?

A: Here's the differences between these two trading systems (they're designed to be complementary, not overlapping, and each have substantially different content. Traders are encouraged to purchase both systems):

7-DVD "Traders Secrets" System: this is a foundation course designed to help traders learn the "best of the east and the west", showing them how to use Steve Nison's Japanese candlestick patterns, plus Ken Calhoun's momentum day and swing trading professional trading strategies. It reveals the core training that traders need to trade the combination of Steve and Ken's trading tactics together, as a system
. It is the older of the two systems, and was captured live during a two day seminar.

14-DVD "Stock Trading Success" System:
this is our premium trading system, revealing how to use Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun's best trading techniques during live markets with realtime chart examples, for entries and exits. It's the only system in the world that shows how both traders' techniques can be combined to spot LIVE entries and exits, and was filmed professionally at a 2-day event.

The main difference between the two systems is that the 7-DVD system is basic/foundation training of "What" trading patterns to use (shot at a live seminar), while the 14-DVD system extends this significantly, by showing live realtime examples of entry and exit signals, the "How" to trade using the core trading patterns and tactics.

Q: How can I also promote Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun's other trading products and services?

A: Click on each link for information about Steve Nison's affiliate program and Ken Calhoun's affiliate program. We recommend that you get involved with all three affiliate programs; this one and the two individual ones, to be able to promote the entire product lineups of both Steve and Ken, in addition to the two main systems here.

Q: What kind of training and other resources do you offer, to help make this as easy as possible for me?

A: You'll get complete training in our "Affiliate Profits University™" online resource video training center, in addition to ongoing affiliates-only webinars and more. Plus support from our Affiliate Support staff for questions and any other help you may need is as simple as contacting us.

Q: What's the main content of each of the two DVD systems, and how are they different from Nison & Calhoun's other courses?

A: The 7-DVD "Traders' Secrets" system is a foundation course that teaches intraday candles with momentum swing and day trading opening gaps, time and sales, ADX and sectors to let your active stock clients spot earlier reversals than those who use only daily charts. It covers all the main topics and ideas needed to trade the combination of Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun's core trading strategies using intraday charts, for both day and swing trading stocks.

Traders' Secrets 7-DVD system:

DVD 1) Candlesticks for Active Traders: The Basics and Beyond
DVD 2) Trading the Candlesticks: Entry & Exit Signals
DVD 3) Insider Secrets for Trading Intraday Candlesticks
DVD 4) Breakout Day Trading Patterns and Indicators
DVD 5) Swing Trading Secrets: 10-Day ADX Breakouts
DVD 6) Precision Tape Reading Strategies: Profiting with Time and Sales
DVD 7) Bonus DVD: Extra Video – Live Seminar Footage

For much more information (including video previews), see the main site at http://www.TradingVideos.com

The 14-DVD "Stock Trading Success" system is a more advanced system that features intraday candle charts in realtime markets — an industry first. Instead of showing static powerpoints or historical charts, Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun walk traders through two entire market opens, carefully explaining all of their best trading strategies featuring streaming "live" charts that were captured. It's a perfect sequel to the 7-DVD system, because it focuses on showing traders "how" to trade, in addition to the primary trading signals on intraday charts — for day and swing stock traders.

Stock Trading Success 14-DVD system:

DVD 1)  Trading the OPEN: How To Profit From Realtime Gaps & Breakouts
DVD 2)  "You Make The Call": How To Set Entries And Exits
DVD 3)  Planning Your Profits: Hidden Signals For Hot Trades
DVD 4)  Wall Street's Secrets: Winning In Realtime Markets
DVD 5)  Trader's "Breakout Blueprint" for Successful Trades
DVD 6)  Traders' Live Hot Seats: Turning Traders Into Tigers
DVD 7)  Rapid-Fire "Crash Course" For Trading LIVE Markets: Instant Immersion
DVD 8)  Trading Dynamics: Advanced Strategies For Trading Ahead of the Crowd
DVD 9)  Traders' Survivors' Guide: How To Prosper In Any Market Environment
DVD 10)  Top Traders' Tactics You Never Knew Existed (And How To Profit From Them)
DVD 11)  Power Trading Strategies: How To Spot Winning Trades In Realtime Markets
DVD 12)  Taking Action Today: Your Trading Success Accelerators
DVD 13)  Bonus: Candlestick Charting Basics: Spotting The Early Reversals
DVD 14)  Winning Chart Patterns For NASDAQ Day Traders

For much more information (including video previews), see the main site at http://www.StockTradingSuccess.com

Q: How are these different from Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun's other courses?
A: The main difference is that these all feature intraday candlestick charts, and all use specific stock trading examples, which are critical for active swing and intraday traders. They also feature the combination of Nison's strategies with those of Ken Calhoun, whose Western momentum technical day and swing trading breakout tactics are used as a system with Nison's strategies — this combination of Eastern candle charts and Western momentum breakout and pivot trading is exclusively featured only on these two systems, and has garnered hundreds of trader testimonials.

See our exclusive affiliates-only FREE "Affiliate Profits University™" online resource video training center — packed with regularly updated new training videos, live online webinars and more!  You'll get unlimited access once you're accepted into our TradingAffiliates.com program, to help accelerate your success as one of our affiliate partners.

One Important TradingAffiliates.com Advantage:
Promote trustworthy, industry-leading systems by these two bestselling traders with solid reputations for integrity and high-value content.  Do what's right for the traders, and promote authentic courses, like ours — it's a win-win for everyone: you, us, and most importantly the traders (who deserve the best training possible).

Enjoy consistent "sales that stick" (and thank-you emails!) by promoting quality courses by these two trusted professionals.


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