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Get Started Making Money Affiliate Resource Center Affiliate Profits University - Free Earn Bonus Prizes


  Affiliate Webinars & Training make it easier than ever for you to make sales!

FAQ: What is "Affiliate Profits University" and how can it help me make higher sales commissions?

This section of the site is packed with updated "how to" tutorial videos designed to help you gain an
advantage over other trading affiliate programs and make the highest sales commissions possible.

How does it do this?  You'll be able to watch a series of quick, yet advanced videos that are packed with
advanced, professional marketing strategies designed to help you become a top-selling affiliate.

Using product launch processes, banner ad rotations, sizzling-hot email ad creatives and more, our goal
is to turn you into a "super affiliate", so that we all make top sales to the trading community as a team.

FAQ: How much does "Affiliate Profits University" cost, and how do I get started accessing the videos?

It's completely FREE, and you'll get complete access to downloadable videos, ongoing webinars and more
once you're approved as a TradingAffiliates.com affiliate— it's easy!   Register now to become an affiliate.


Video lessons, webinars, and practical tips
to help you start making money.

Current Affiliates Login Here for Free Training:

Here's a sample of some of the free resources that are available to you as an affiliate, once you're approved:

Get ongoing coaching and training with our exclusive affiliate webinars, presented by Ken Calhoun (top internet marketer, video producer and copywriter), designed to help you boost your sales conversions even higher!
Webinar Title : Getting Started with TradingAffiliates.com: "Fast Tips for Quick Profits"

This live online event is scheduled for:
     Wednesday Sept 16th 9pm-10pm EST (available free to affiliates)

Saturday Oct 3rd 11am - 12noon EST (available free to affiliates)

Includes Q&A session at the end... get answers to all your questions, plus learn how to quickly become a top-selling affiliate — updated "insider" tips and tactics will show you how to make higher sales commissions, fast.

Webinar Title : Advanced Tactics — Using Product Launches With TradingAffiliates For Cash

This live online event is scheduled for:

Tuesday October 27th 9pm-10pm EST (available free to affiliates)

Designed for experienced affiliates, this special webinar event will show you how to best leverage your email list to produce the highest conversion rates possible, using scarcity, time-limited product launches, and how our approach is superior to others you may have used. Savvy affiliate marketers will want to be part of this, to get "killer sales conversions" for your promos.


Getting started with TradingAffiliates.com is easy — simply watch these "how-to" videos to help you begin promoting and earning commissions. They explain everything you need to know in order to use the 1ShoppingCart banner ads, text links, and much more.
Click on each box below to watch, and/or download the videos to keep to your hard drive.

Topic: Using 1ShoppingCart with TradingAffiliates
Running time: 4 minutes (available free to affiliates)

Topic: Choosing Which Banners To Use
Running time: 7 minutes (available free to affiliates)

Topic: Creating Emails to promote TradingAffiliates
Running time: 5 minutes (available free to affiliates)
Topic: Successful TradingAffiliates Promo System
Running time: 9 minutes (available free to affiliates)

Once you've mastered the basics, things start getting even more interesting. These videos show some of the strategies you can test out to help accelerate your commission check size even further:

Topic: Profiting with Launches and Contests
Running time: 11 minutes (available free to affiliates)

Topic: Adding Your Unique Bonuses
Running time: 8 minutes (available free to affiliates)



Topic: Market Differentiation - How To Stand Out
Running time: 8 minutes (available free to affiliates)

Topic: Google Adwords and Landing Pages
Running time: 12 minutes (available free to affiliates)
    Next video coming soon, stay tuned...
Suggestions for new videos? Contact us with your ideas & requests - thanks!
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