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     Congratulations on being invited to our exclusive affiliate reseller site. You may know that becoming an affiliate is a great way to quickly grow your business, and earn extra income (with very little effort). But the challenge is finding premium, genuinely useful trading educational resources for your site's visitors and email lists...ones that really sell and pay high commisshes.

    With this in mind, you will be thrilled to potentially earn solid monthly commissions as an affiliate of Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun's two premium multi-DVD trading systems. Widely recognized and respected in the trading industry, our "instant name recognition" makes it easy to sell our systems to your lists. Traders trust us, based on our track record of success (making it easy for you to make bigger sales).

    These 2 trading systems convert extremely well, thanks to the professionally-produced video testimonials, promo copy, hundreds of actual trader "success stories", and much more.  They've gotten rave reviews from Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, which also makes it easier than ever for you to make money from, as you offer them to your list.
This is an Exclusive Opportunity for Affiliates Who Want Big Commissions
      Our affiliate program is not for everyone, and we're limiting who can be affiliates (for example, you must have an active website that we can lookup in the whois public registry, and be free from any FTC/SEC/CFTC regulatory actions — we check each affiliate for compliance).   And during 2009, we are only accepting new affiliates from the USA, Canada and the U.K.

      Once approved, you'll get everything you need, including ongoing training and help, participation in our blog and forum, PLUS cutting-edge advanced marketing webinars designed to help you sell more effectively. Featuring 1ShoppingCart for easy affiliate sales commission tracking and campaign resources.   All included, free!

     In addition to world-class promotional videos, banners, email creatives and ongoing support, we make it easy for you to instantly start earning commissions — you'll be excited once you start getting your monthly affiliate checks... It's a superb opportunity for savvy affiliate marketers and webmasters who want to start making money.   

    And we handle all customer service, presales questions, support and everything else. All you need to do is send emails to your lists whenever you wish to earn more money by mentioning these two "easy to sell" systems.

     But you have to move fast, so that you can be among the world's first to join our elite group of affiliate resellers. You'll have less competition to worry about, so you can focus on generating sizable affiliate commission payouts.   We're reliable and payout all commissions monthly, plus we have one of the highest retention rates in the industry, and an active capture process that helps protect your commissions.  Plus, you'll also be invited to participate in our popular contests, product launches and more, once you're approved.  

      We look forward to working with you... Welcome aboard!



Steve Nison

Ken Calhoun



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Stock Trading Success System™- $1495

Featuring Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun, this bestselling 14-DVD "Triple-Cam" immersion training system has been featured in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine, garnering hundreds of enthusiastic trader "success stories".

You'll be proud to be a reseller of this system — because this is a high-quality product from two of the world's top trading figures, produced for active traders.

Professionally-produced video promotional spots and 101+ actual trader testimonials make this easy to sell.

You'll get generous commissions of
$500 per sale

View the Stock Trading
Success System™ Site


Traders' Secrets™ - $897

Another winning system featuring Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun, this 7-DVD active traders' learning system has been a popular way for traders to discover how to trade using the "Best of the East and the West".

Featuring both candle chart patterns as well as momentum day and swingtrading tactics, this comprehensive learning system is ideal to offer to your trading lists.
You'll get full commissions of
$300 per sale

View the Traders' Secrets™ Site



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