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Promote and Earn!


Promoting Steve Nison & Ken Calhoun's two popular trading systems makes it easy to earn cash commissions:

  • Make hundreds of dollars per sale
  • We can help you offer special time-limited product launches to your lists
  • 1ShoppingCart/Authorize.net powered system makes it easy to see real-time stats
  • Professionally-designed banners and ad creatives you can test on your sites
  • Emails are pre-written for you to use, by one of the world's top internet financial copywriters
  • Ongoing webinars and downloadable tutorial videos show you step-by-step how to promote successfully
  • Payment via paypal or check (your choice)

Stock Trading Affiliate "TradingAffiliates.com" Program — Compare Us To Others:

  • World-renowned trading authorities Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun have high credibility
  • With a track record of having a refund/chargeback rate of less than 1.2% for each system, you won't have to worry about lots of returns or unhappy customers.
  • High commission payouts — you earn as much as Steve and Ken do on each sale: complete revenue share!
  • Updated resources, traders' blog, contests and more — for credible products. Unlike others, who are unknown
    trader-marketers that have virtually no industry credibility. You can sell our systems with peace of mind.
  • Support and help to answer your questions on an ongoing basis, to help ensure your success.
  • Selective affiliate program: we screen each affiliate and, for example, are only allowing affiliates based in the
    USA, Canada and UK to participate (to ensure regulatory/legal compliance). So you won't have to worry about
    competing against hundreds of other affiliates— with fewer affiliates promoting, you can increase your odds of making sales substantially.

Our GOAL is Simple: To help you make as much commission income as you can, as fast as possible.

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